Computer Repairs

Computer Problems?

Computer technology is everywhere today. It's not just computers; it's cars, appliances, home lighting, and more. Any device that connects to an application (APP) you can control, can be hijacked by a hacker. Many of us still don't depend on our Smart-phone to command our everyday lives, but our ranks literally die everyday. Point your computer needs to stay healthy, clean, and secure!

Devices which connect to the internet are the most vulnerable to security and malware issues. The more interactive your device is, the greater the risk of trouble. Malicious code usually bypasses even the best security systems because the user opened the door and let it in. If you pay no attention the weakest link in the security system, you get what you deserve. The weakest link is the human user.

Our Services

Computer Shop Rates

House Calls

Think of us as the country doctor of the PC. We will come to your home to assess the condition of your computer, fix it on the spot or take it to our shop for repairs.

1st   HR     $ 35.00         Standard Rate     $ 20.00   /HR

Computer Cleaning - Hardware


Disassemble computer to component level, blow out dust and dirt, clean contacts, remove and replace thermal grease on processor, reassemble and test.

Desktop   $ 60.00        Laptop   $ 80.00

Computer Cleaning - Software


Uninstall obsolete and unnecessary programs, perform disc cleanup to remove temp files and internet temporary files and history, run malware scan, run registry cleanup scan, restore proper start programs, retest.

$ 50.00